Madre Negra

La Madonna Negra [Painting]

The Christian faith is centered around the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. read more

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Renewing Latin in Worship

In my latest post, I take on one of my favorite subjects of the faith, but one that I have stopped speaking about much because it always feels too politically charged in the Church.
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Bound by Lasso – The Yoke of Marriage

Married life is a tangled, beautiful mess of a man and a woman journeying together toward heaven.

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Crucifix Veiled in Purple


Passiontide is often the hardest part of Lent. The veiling always gets to me too, but I know the tradition really helps. I talk a lot of specifics about this in my latest post at Austin CNM.

What do we veil during Passiontide?

We veil the crucifix and images of saints that are for public veneration. If this time falls in March and there is a statue of St Joseph outside the sanctuary, it is allowed to stay unveiled in order to honor him on March  17th. Images for the stations of the cross and stained glass windows should not be veiled. This tradition is not mandatory in the Novus Ordo, but it is coming back as a common practice

How do we veil the images?

The images should be veiled in a solid and plain fabric. Traditionally, this fabric is purple, but it sometimes switch for red on Palm Sunday. It should not be sheer or transparent and free from ornamentation. If a crucifix is too big to veil, the corpus alone is enough.

– See more at Austin CNM


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