Pursue the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Pursue the Sacred Heart of Jesus [Painting]

Even though I was raised Roman Catholic, I didn’t really know and love Jesus until I had a personal conversion as a teen. Before then, it was just ritual and habitual tradition without meaning. It wasn’t until I encountered the True Presence and reality of our Lord that my eyes were opened, and I found meaning in the beauty and richness of the Church that our Lord gave us as a essential gift. It was then that I realized it was all about this Love that burns deep in the heart of Jesus for me and for all of us.

I have always been fascinated by the popular image of Jesus and His Most Sacred Heart. It is a vivid reminder  of a reality that Jesus is truly man and truly God. His humanity is such a concrete reality that his body has a real, physical heart that was once pierced and stopped beating upon the cross. This same heart that was gloriously brought back to life in His Resurrection, and is still alive since His ascension into Heaven.

Pursue the Sacred Heart of Jesus

During Holy Week of this year, I finished this latest painting of the Sacred Heart. I enjoy painting traditional images of the faith because everyone always has their own perspective, technique, and style to add. There are artists that don’t believe that, but I think that doubts their own uniqueness as created by God.

I painted this to focus on the heart itself. Many of the most popular versions of this image often focus on his eyes, but I wanted this version to center around the heart and His burning love. It was painted on a square canvas to also help narrow the focus.

On a personal note, once completed, a priest that has become a good friend of mine blessed the image using the older prayers for images of our Lord in Eastertide. It also became the first piece I painted and that I still own that is blessed. This prevents me from being able to ever sell the image, and I’m ok with that.


The Devotion

The Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated 19 days after the celebration of Pentecost. This always falls on the Friday after the celebration of Corpus Christi, and is according to the desires of Jesus expressed in the visions of St Margret Mary.

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