Progress in Ministry Online

One of my favorite current responsibilities is being the communications coordinator for WilCoYA Ministry. It is a young adult ministry that unites Catholics from the diocese of Austin, mainly from the North Austin and Williamson county area. We launched a new look for last week, and I am very happy with the outcome.

Our ministry is of a modest size, but our audience is many times larger than our actual members. We are able to have a strong presence online to not only show what we are doing as a group in our ministry, but we are also able to feature important and relevant information and news about our Catholic Christian faith. Combining the two makes for a great witness of how our generations can take Truth and live it as an active Christian community.

I enjoy designing the monthly promotional material more than almost any other projects that I work on. For the  generations of today, the internet exists as a primary form of communication and discovery. Without a solid platform and appealing design, it would not be effective.

Look for more Catholic new media projects to be released in February 2011. Super exciting times! I’ld be happy to hear any feedback and constructive criticism.

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