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I have years of experience with presentations, conferences, workshops, classes, and retreats given to thousands since 2004. I speak for professional settings on design and private spiritual events.

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  • Sun

    Culture as Context: Why and How to Design for Multilingual Users

    11:40 AMIA Summit 2017 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

    IA Summit 2017 Presentation

    One out of every 5 Americans speaks a language other than English at home (and online). Information architects ignore this fact at their—and their users’—peril.

    This session will explore the impact that diverse, multilingual users should have on our designs. No, you don’t have to add “become an expert in every culture” to your To-Do List, but you should seek out quality research and smart partnerships to create the most effective interactive experiences.

    In this lively, optimistic, and example-filled session, you’ll learn about organizations who have successfully tackled this unique challenge—and how you can apply their success to your next project.

Let’s start a conversation about your needs and how I can help your group.

Design & UX Presentations

  • Why and How to Design for Multilingual Users
  • Intro to Design Thinking
  • Reconciling Business Goals with User Needs
  • Culture as Context – International Design Thinking

Spiritual Presentations

  • Finding Your Role in the Church
  • Reality of Angels and Heaven
  • The Need for Beauty
  • Intro to Evangelization
  • The Church and Social Media
  • Apologetics Workshops
  • Other topics upon request

Spiritual Retreats

  • Confirmation Retreats
  • Lent and Advent Parish Mission
  • Young Adult Spiritual Retreats
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Teen Spiritual Introduction Retreats
  • Catechist/Core Team Retreats

Ministry Consultation

  • Parish Website Redesign and Branding
  • Social Media Usage for Ministries
  • Tech and Catechesis
  • Youth Ministry Environment

Presentation at IA Summit 2017