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Speaking & Events | SoulPainter | Cristóbal Almanza

Speaking & Events

Years of Experience

I have years of experience with presentations, conferences, workshops, classes, and retreats given to thousands since 2004. I speak for professional settings on design and private spiritual events.

Events Schedule

Presentations, Exhibits, and Retreats

Let’s start a conversation about your needs and how I can help your group.

Design & UX Presentations

  • Why and How to Design for Multilingual Users
  • Intro to Design Thinking
  • Reconciling Business Goals with User Needs
  • Culture as Context – International Design Thinking

Spiritual Presentations

  • Finding Your Role in the Church
  • Reality of Angels and Heaven
  • The Need for Beauty
  • Intro to Evangelization
  • The Church and Social Media
  • Apologetics Workshops
  • Other topics upon request

Spiritual Retreats

  • Confirmation Retreats
  • Lent and Advent Parish Mission
  • Young Adult Spiritual Retreats
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Teen Spiritual Introduction Retreats
  • Catechist/Core Team Retreats

Ministry Consultation

  • Parish Website Redesign and Branding
  • Social Media Usage for Ministries
  • Tech and Catechesis
  • Youth Ministry Environment

Presentation at IA Summit 2017