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Election Coverage | SoulPainter | Cristóbal Almanza

Election Coverage

State and Local Election Pages Layout


These wireframes were designed to guide stations on midterm election coverage layouts and pages. Each election and content can vary greatly from state to state. Our editorial approach required a cohesive plan to format the content and organize the information for fast consumption of the state and local elections of 2014.

Goals and Metrics

All of the KPI’s see impressive spikes that often more than double the average uniques and views. This provides a special opportunity to engage new users.

The most common request from users is the ability to see comparative information side-by-side of rankings, progress, issues, and votes as live as possible. This is easiest on desktop, but mobile formats have less space to place side-by-side and require a smoother vertical flow. This could be problematic for some users that interpret placement as favoring one candidate over another instead of non-partisan reporting. Keeping this in mind, we kept as much horizontal comparison as possible and enlarged the images and information in places where the candidates could use more space.


Users looking for information on election coverage span many demographics and political spectrums. The page must work to present the information as unbiased as possible while telling the narrative of the events and results.

Using the peripheries of the information is key to attract first time users to other content while not bombarding them. Other regular users want to be able to find the election coverage easily from their normal entryways.

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