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Custom Post Types

Investigative Post Type


Regular stories are posted and organized as one WordPress post type with the same features and functionality. The editorial teams have separate departments in charge of investigative initiatives that require more work and customization or content for long-form journalism. A separate post type was the best solution to separate and add the needed features.

Custom Features

The long-form pieces of journalism attract non-typical users that are more willing to read through deeper content. Even with captivating stories, readers need help to quickly maneuver through the content.

Story navigation helps to jump to the different elements of interest.


Each section is added in separately to treat it as a collection of content while presenting it organized as one narrative.

The other most distinctive element upon page load is the full-width features image or video. This was a risky decision because it pushes the leading advertising spot down to almost out of the initial frame. After discussions with sales and editorial, we decided that the users’ tendencies to scroll through the content was worth moving down the slot. The new location had equal engagement and views according to our reports.

Investigative Post Type

Blog Post Type

Blog posts are the informal versions of stories that editorial teams do not want to present as structured or polished as the traditional stories in posts. Weather teams are often the most likely to blog in order to share ideas or special features about weather patterns and historical information.

These posts do not feature a large hero image at the top like the other post types.

Blog Post Type

Blog Category Landing Page

Author Pages

Personalities are important to broadcast news, and views are often also a sizable part of the digital audience. Author pages provide a landing page with a biography about the personality and aggregates all of the digital content produced or written by the member of the news.

Blog Category Landing Page

Category Landing Pages

Each category is a collection of unique content that can be organized in different ways to present the information in ways that most benefit the users. These wireframes are the layouts for the most important landing pages on the news sites. Special attention was given to the content that appears within initial view on desktops.

I do not claim ownership of screenshots of site stories or images.

All works in portfolio are not part of the Creative Commons licence.