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Diversity in Ministry Part III – Financial

In my latest post at ATX Catholic, I write about how the economic changes happening in Austin are also having a direct effect on the people of the diocese and how we need to adapt our application of ministry.

In the first two posts of this series, I explored how diversity in Gifts and Age can provide a richer experience of the faith and allow parishes to better minister to the community.

Christians of all denominations today tend to look for communities where they feel like they can belong to the larger group. Sometimes the neighborhoods have similarities that tend to easily find commonalities with others. Back when communities and neighbors were more closely linked, there is no real issue with this model.

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Austin DCYC 2017 – SANCTUS

The Diocese of Austin holds a yearly event known as the Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference for teens, and I was contracted to create the visual marketing materials for the theme of SANCTUS (meaning “Holy” in Latin).

The Logo

The main theme of the logo I created is based on a dove as the symbol of the Holy Spirit with the highlight of a flame, another common symbol for the third person of the Trinity. The yellow and orange are a bright, vibrant shades that give the feeling of fire, and the dark green compliments it while representing life.

I also chose to use Roman-style lettering with the Latin name, this is why the “U” is replaced with a “V.” It was a way to bring a balance of the ancient traditions and the contemporary setting.


The Shirt Design

The shirt was limited to one side and two colors for the print. I brought in the familiar colors from the logo and added vector shapes that recall the imagery of the Monstrance, a liturgical tool used to display the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist for adoration. This is the pivotal moment that happens on Saturday night of the event.

DCYC Shirt Design

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Diversity in Ministry Part II – Age

In part 1 of this series, I began a conversation about the need for intentional diversity in ministry. read more

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Gifts & Talents – Diversity in Ministry Part 1

We all have a tendency to surround ourselves with people that are similar to ourselves. read more

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Helping Teens Become Evangelical Catholics

I spend a lot of my time outside of my main career volunteering in youth ministry. read more

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ATX Catholic Meetup and Day of Reflection

Join us for a day of reflection at Our Lady of Schoenstatt Shrine on Saturday, April 30, 2016. read more

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7 Lessons Learned in Youth Ministry

Fall is an active time around most of our parishes, and it’s a time full of incredible hope for another year of catechetics. read more

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Letter of Advice for Graduating Seniors

One of the missions God is currently calling me to serve is working with graduating high school youths, and it has been an incredible blessing for me to closely journey with inspiring teens. read more

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AustinCNM Retreat 2014

ACNM Retreat 7-19-14

I will be directing a retreat this month at St Thomas More Catholic Church in North Austin.

read more

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