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St Mark the Evangelist

Leō – St Mark the Evangelist [Painting]

One of my favorite themes in creating art over the last several years has been a focus on angels. read more

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The Most Divinely Inspired Painting

The Most Divinely Inspired Painting

Michelangelo's Pieta

Michelangelo’s Pieta

Sacred art usually comes from divine inspiration through movements of the Holy Spirit. read more

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Selected Interests & Inspirations – March 2015

Even though this category is only three quarters of a year old, I decided to rename it to be easier to understand my intentions.

read more

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Songs for Holy Week

Contemporary Songs of Reflection for Holy Week

Holy week is the most important time for the Christian Church. read more

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Symbols of Saint Joseph in Sacred Art

Saint Joseph is a mysterious character in scripture. We know little about his life, and he never has a word recorded in the Bible. read more

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Angels and the Glorious Assumption [Painting]

Last year I decided to take a new direction with my favorite theme of angels and incorporate them more into scenes of a narrative instead of just portraits. read more

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5 Tools to Stay Productive While Using a Computer

We’re all very guilty of wasting obscene amounts of time on the internet at some point. read more

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