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Cristóbal Almanza

Quick Bio:

Latino artist and designer (IA, UX, UI) with a passion for human-centered design. Daylight as a design strategist and leader. I also create art & design part-time.

Seeking to improve the lives of others through beauty, function, and education.

Primary Profession


Experience Director and an international digital consulting agency.


User Experience Manager for a mobile app company in Austin, Texas.

Information Architect – UX Design Focus on structure for an agency in East Austin focusing on mission-oriented organizations.

Digital Creative Manager – Specializing in User Interface Design for sites and apps. I also direct a creative services team in Austin that serves as an internal agency for markets around the country.

Artist Statement

I desire to communicate the immaterial and spiritual essence of life.

My art highlights the tension in the relationship between beauty and truth. My subjects feature the material body in transcendental themes with Latino vibrancy. I pay tribute to my Mexican Catholic heritage and the Texan Culture that formed me.

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Primary: Choleric Secondary: Melancholic


The Victor

Fascination Profile

Design Thinking Philosophy

Design thinking tests hypothesis and measures outcomes like the scientific method of business. I believe applying Human Centered Design improves real people’s lives, and that multi-disciplinary teams create more creative and effective solutions through design facilitation. A good design process provides clarity to generate solid strategic direction for any project. Good design solves real problems and keeps evolving until it does.

My Process

1. Understand the Issues

2. Identify Possible Solutions

3. Execute the Best Ideas

4. Iterate With Feedback and Data


Culture, Podcasts, Music, Concerts, Dancing, Theology, Languages, Running, Mixed-Martial Arts, Astronomy, Architecture, Travel, Philosophy, History, Wine, Good Conversation, and Art.

Previous Volunteer Roles

Meal Driver for Meals on Wheels of Central Texas. President, Co-Founder of ATX Catholic (formerly Austin Catholic New Media), Youth Ministry Coordinator and Catechist. Also previously Communications Coordinator for ministries and formerly a Pastoral Council Member at St William Catholic Church

All content in my blog and site is my opinion and does not reflect the views of my employers, clients, or partners.

In Depth


I have lived in the Austin, Texas area since 2009, and I grew up in a small country town called Muleshoe located in the Texas panhandle. I’m a first-generation Mexican-American and a proud, native Texan.

I have been a freelance designer and artist since 2005. I sell paintings and prints of my works from work I have created or have been commissioned to make. I have also been coordinating retreats and speaking at parishes, private schools, and other religious organizations since 2003.

I began my professional design career in 2007 in Denver, Co, but I also grew up knowing the meaning of hard work on a farm.



I work with many forms of graphic design and specialize in User Experience design, and I also have experience with print design.

Traditional art is also one of my passions. I primarily do oil painting and drawing. Design is my visual organization, and creating art is my visual expression.


I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Colorado, and I also attended St Mary’s University in San Antonio and John Cabot University in Rome studying Theology and Fine Art.


I have a love of knowledge, and I am a seeker of Truth. I seek to find love in all there is in this life. I find freedom in not knowing everything and encourage curiosity about the world around us.

My faith as a Christian (Roman Catholic) and my culture as a Latino are an integral part of who I am as a person and an artist. They are the greatest sources of inspiration for my work.

Roman Painter
“There is, therefore, an ethic, even a “spirituality” of artistic service, which contributes in its way to the life and renewal of a people.”
John Paul II

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