Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable Album and Tour Review


Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable Album and Tour Review

I hadn’t really discovered Andy Mineo until earlier this year when his new album Uncomfortable dropped in September. AndyMineoThank you Spotify for knowing my tastes well enough to add him to my recommendations. This dude is dope. I was pleasantly surprised by this whole album, and was blessed to hear about his concert in time to attend in nearby San Antonio. Here is my review on the album and tour.

The Music

This album is high quality, and proved to be worth working with !llmid as the producer (known for his work with Drake and 50 Cent). Andy Mineo’s beats are high energy and are filled with good rap patterns.

UncomfortableYou will hear sudden elements of jazz, rock, and rhythm and blues brilliantly weaved through the heart of hip hop. There are plenty of smooth synths with a good balance of instruments that provides a rich sound that keeps it appealing and relevant.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of Uncomfortable live up to its name for most of us. There are several songs where he speaks like a prophet calling out to the Church to remind us of our purpose and our original mission.

AndyMineo2There are several lines that are explicitly confrontational about the issues we have grown comfortable with in our American lives. He reminds us that we weren’t made for the comforts of this world, and also admits that he also struggles with these comforts in this walk too.

The lyrics of this album remind me of this quote from the former pope:

“The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness”

– Benedict XVI

Here are some of my favorite lines from various songs on the album.

“God prepared me for the war. Comfort be the thing that’ll make a king fold.” (Uncomfortable)

“To truly love a person, the bravest act of the soul.” (Ghost)

“If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.” (Know That’s Right)


“Seems like you only look out for your sort of people. I look around, it’s more evil. God I see it in me.” (Vendetta)

“We’re OK with last place.” (Rat Race)

Falling in love is easy, building it takes patience. (Love)

My favorite element of the lyrics is their authenticity and ability to be relatable. He also makes it a point not take himself too seriously. Andy is convicting because of his ability to live in this world, speak the language, and still reminds us that isn’t our home.


The Tour

Going to the concert was surprisingly one of the best shows I have ever attended. Going to an Andy Mineo concert isn’t a typical CCM concert experience. Simply on the surface, the crowd didn’t have it’s typical suburban Christian youth feel that many big names often have. The intro act (Propaganda) also let us know that it was considered appropriate and even encouraged to buy from the bar to help support the beautiful venue of the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio. A beer, hip-hop, and talking about Jesus was certainly a new experience to share all at once.

A photo posted by Andy Mineo (@andymineo) on

Listening to the album before, I wouldn’t have expected the amount of energy that exploded in that venue. It was consuming and inspiring to hear such incredible music carrying a powerful message that spoke to all our hearts.


Overall, this album and tour are certainly some of the best of the year. A fair disclaimer and warning is that this could be a musical taste that doesn’t fit everyone. His music is very authentic and doesn’t hold back to touch on all aspects of life that aren’t always easy. I believe this is part of why you will never hear Andy Mineo on the typical Christian music station or why many would never classify his as a Contemporary Christian Musician.

I highly recommend this album. If it makes you uncomfortable, I think that is the point.

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