Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

The first week of October is one full of angels in the liturgical calendar and readings.

Angels are one of my favorite topics, and I have been giving various presentations on angelology for the last 5 years. People are often surprised by how much they didn’t realize about their angel. I have taken a short segment of some of those presentations and put it in audio format to share in honor of our Holy Guardian Angels.

Most people have a natural inclination to believe in a supernatural protection from heaven, and it’s based in Truth. God has been generous with us to assign a being more powerful than us to watch and guide us all the days of our life and into eternity. We may not hear or sense them around all the time, but they are a constant and desire to guide you to Jesus.

Listen to the 18-minute audio post at Austin CNM»Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

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