Metanoia (Conversion) Explained in Cat Pictures


Metanoia (Conversion) Explained in Cat Pictures

Catholics have a whole vocabulary that is unfamiliar to most people. Most of it is words that have stuck from the original greek or latin and are usually needed because there really is no other way to say it (e.g. Transubstantiation).

In many recent conversations with other millennials, I have found that seeking purpose and inspiration in life is a very natural part of our generation. The biggest hurdle in conversations about the faith come when talking about sin and repentance. We have a word for this process – metanoia.

“Repent (metanoeite) and believe (pisteuete) in the Gospel.”
– Mark 1:15

1. This cat understands how you feel talking about your sins.


2. This cat is also always surprised by how bad it got so fast.

3. Failure always makes this cat feel disgusted. She knows reflecting on it isn’t comfortable.


We don’t talk about metanoia much outside of Ash Wednesday and Lent, but it’s part of the core of the Gospel message. Pope Paul VI once referred to it as a “Change of heart.” Metanoia is a genuine conversion sourced in repentance of our sin and desire for the mercy of the Lord. It’s a genuine and personal encounter with Jesus.

“I have redeemed you; I have called you by name: you are mine.”
Isaiah 43:1

4. Taking time to reflect, this cat also doesn’t remember why he went after sin either. It just left him feeling isolated.

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