Selected Interests & Inspirations – July 2015

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Selected Interests & Inspirations – July 2015

Personal Visual, Audio, Readings Favorites, Music Recommendations, Interests and Inspirations from July 2015.

Important note: The selection of the content does not equal an endorsement of the creator or even the piece as a whole. These selections span all interest and genres, including those that might not be suitable for all audiences.



Crowns & Thorns (Oceans) – KB

Even though this song came out a few months ago,  this was my favorite find of this month. It’s a completely different take on the same exploration of faith while sampling elements of Hillsong United’s Oceans. This song has well written raps and deeply moving transitions of emotions through the theme.


All I Need Is You – Lecrae

Lecrae released this incredible album last year, but there are some songs that are still going strong. This is one of my favorite songs off this album with multiple interpretations of love and faith.


Earned It – The Weeknd – Kina Grannis & MAX & KHS Cover

This song became very popular this past spring, and as much as I love The Weeknd’s voice, it has a sleezier tone to it. This acoustic version with the harp makes it many times more romantic and passionate. These two have great voices.


Everyday – A$AP ROCKY –  ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel, Mark Ronson (Cover by Joy and Argenis)

This original song is an interesting concept and mixture of personalities. I really enjoyed this acoustic cover. This original song has some language.


Where Are Ü Now – (DSharp Cover Ft. KNOTS) Skrillex/Diplo/Justin Bieber

I am a big fan of bass drops and dance rhythms, but I actually think this cover is better than the original. The violin and saxaphone take it to a different level, not to mention the soultrier, deeper voice.


You – Gungor

I absolutely love this new album from Gungor. This live version is a unique rendition of one of their newest songs exploring faith and doubt. Also read my review for the full album.

Best Friend – Yelawolf featuring Eminem

This song is certainly not Christian, but it provides a fascinating perspective on connecting with God by someone that does not go to Church. It calls upon the Trinitarian God and proclaims that He is his best friend. It has some theological flaws, but I hope it can lead to some trust with the Church, even if it’s just to pray in a beautiful Church.  Language warning.



The Power of Routines

Intentionally seeking to be a great man, takes a lot of work and effort. Routines are a great way to continue and mark growth. See these great suggestions from Art of Manliness.


Texas Sayings

This series made me laugh. Lots of good ones to keep in your back pocket.

Texas Sayings

Newest Earth Image

We haven’t received a full earth image in decades. NASA released a beautiful new high resolution image this month.


Latest Earth Picture from Nasa in decaades



Be Healed: A Guide to Encountering the Powerful Love of Jesus in Your Life – Bob Schuchts

My wife and I went to a marriage retreat from the John Paul II Healing Center this month, and I picked up a book by the main presenter. He is a gifted man and a definite healer. I just started but have high hopes.


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