La Madonna Negra [Painting]

Madre Negra

La Madonna Negra [Painting]

The Christian faith is centered around the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that the power that raised Him from the dead is promised to all of us that believe in Him and make Him Lord. As Catholics, we also believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary, by way of example and hope for all men, was raised body and soul at the completion of her life. Her Glorious Assumption into Heaven is a hope of our promise.

Angels and the Glorious Assumption 36x48" Oil on Canvas

Angels and the Glorious Assumption 36×48″ Oil on Canvas

The resurrected body has freedom from the restrictions of time and space that we experience here in this life. In the Gospels, we see stories of Jesus passing through walls and changing His location. One of the most unique characteristics is the physical change that happened to His face and body. The Apostles and disciples didn’t recognize Him right away. His appearance had changed, but it was still Him.

Black Madonna Icon

Black Madonna Icon

Mary has a unique ability to relate to her children. On many occasions, she has appeared to people in many different ways. There is no earthly limit to her appearance. Even though she was a Jewish woman from the first century A.D., she can appear with different skin tones and facial features.

Images of the Black Madonna

Mary is often depicted as fair skinned and European looking because many of the great artist of the Church have come from Europe. There is a less common style that depicts the Black Madonna with African and Latin American features.

Here are some examples of the inspiration and sources of this painting.

This is one my smallest paintings in a long time at only 12×18 inches oil on masonite board. There are symbols of stars and flowers throughout, along with rich imagery of her queenship.

Madre Negra

1566 2001 Cristóbal Almanza

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