4 Steps to Prevent Food Waste

Growing up in the rural plains of the Texas panhandle, I was familiar with many farm animals. There were several times when I knew or had at least seen the animal that became our meal. Some people don’t like that, but it gave me a great appreciation for food. Knowing that the animal gave its life so that we could be nourished raised the gravity of wasting this gift. Now that I live more disconnected from my food source in an urban lifestyle, it’s easier to forget this important lesson.

A recent study revealed a shocking situation in America. The average American household is wasting approximately $640 a year on groceries. This is only an estimated average, but it’s a startling number and focus on our collective waste.

We have become so complacent with our easy access to food that it doesn’t bother us to throw out about  30-40% of the food in the USA. Even from just a practical perspective, these numbers should shock us.

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