Selected Interests & Inspirations – May 2015

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Selected Interests & Inspirations – May 2015

Personal Visual, Audio, Readings Favorites, Music Recommendations, Interests and Inspirations from May 2015.

Important note: The selection of the content does not equal an endorsement of the creator or even the piece as a whole. These selections span all interest and genres, including those that might not be suitable for all audiences.



Matrimony – Wale Featuring Usher

This song is a beautiful hip hop poem about love and marriage. The extended version with Jerry Sinfeld’s introduction also adds a great level of humor and honest about how we’re never ready for marriage, but it’s a wonderful gift.

Believe – Mumford & Sons

Their recent release was a shift in their musical style, but it keeps their similar thoughtful lyrics. I like the banjo, but this is a better fit for his voice.


Nothing Without Love – Nate Ruess

This song is full of honest lyrics and rhythms that are catchy and appropriate for the song.


Change is Everything – Son Lux

The sound of Son Lux is an eclectic mix of rock and electronic sounds that fits their thought provoking lyrics. This video is neat too.


Touch the Sky (Acoustic Version) – Hillsong UNITED

This simplified version of this song is beautiful.


Heavy Dirty Soul – Taylor Spenser

This song from Twentyone Pilots is an interesting mix of genres that support the intense rhythm and revealing lyrics about the cries of the human heart.


Human – Eikon

This isn’t your typical CCM sound. It’s a great song about the pain and yearning of the heart for our Lord.



Aging as a Couple

This video is absolutely beautiful to see how a couple’s love grows as they can imagine their life together.


Space Mystery

I love learning about space, and this has been one of the most fascinating recent discoveries that scientist are still unsure what is causing these lights on this sub planet.


Incredible Cat Stunts

I love this cat.



Seven Storey Mountain

Thomas Merton is not a saint, and he certainly had his faults, but that doesn’t take away from how much of an incredible spiritual insight he had for us. This book has been fascinating and enlightening on the spiritual journey.

800 400 Cristóbal Almanza

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