Selected Interests & Inspirations – April 2015

What I'm Into

Selected Interests & Inspirations – April 2015

Personal Visual, Audio, Readings Favorites, Music Recommendations, Interests and Inspirations from April 2015.

Important note: The selection of the content does not equal an endorsement of the creator or even the piece as a whole. These selections span all interest and genres, including those that might not be suitable for all audiences.


What I'm IntoMusic

Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON

I can’t get enough of this song. It’s fun to sing along and dance.


When the Beat Drops Out – Marlon Roudette

It’s not common to find a popular song and effectively incorporates steel drums. Enchanting, driving rhythm with smooth lyrics make this song and well-written song that deserves to be a hit. It came out last year, but it seems to finally be getting the attention it deserves.

Love Me Like You Do / Thinking Out Loud / Latch Mashup Cover – The Madison Letter

This is a brilliant mashup of 3 very different song that I really enjoy.


Take the World – JohnnySwim

Simple music stripped down to its heart. I am a big fan of this married couple.


I Can’t Be Alone – Big Story

Quality rock with romantic themes and lyrics make a wonderful combination.

Style and Love Me Like You Do (Pop Punk Mash-up) – Lets Not Pretend

This was interesting and I enjoyed it.

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty – Wonder Rush (Featuring Peter Kreeft)

I love this combination of good beats and Truth proclaimed by one of my favorite philosophers.


Yosemite HD

This footage is simply stunning.

The Best Photographs of the Unforgettable Pope JP2

This one is a great collection of images of the the great Pope.


Fire Tornado

This is an impressive project with fire.




St Michael the Archangel

I have enjoyed reading this little booklet along with rereading some of my favorite books on angels this month as I prepare for a new version of my angel presentation.

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