Questions About Saint Miracles

Questions About Saint Miracles

I often get inspiration for my posts from questions I get from students in ministry or from friends that are just curious about various topics about the Catholic Christian faith. I speak often of various saints in the formation I give to high school students, and it brought up some of these questions recently. You can read the full post about saint miracles at Austin CNM.

Why is there such an emphasis on miracles for canonization?


It’s interesting to note that the reasons for canonization have nothing to do with miracles in their earthly life. Even a miracle man like St Padre Pio was celebrated at his canonization for his fidelity to the love of Jesus instead of ever mentioning any of the supernatural acts he participated in with the Holy Spirit.


Miracles through intercession are required after the death of a person in order to give testimony of their presence in heaven. Scientific and theological commissions are assigned to investigate that the act was truly unexplainable and completely effective. The process leaves no room for doubt that there was truly a miracle. This is really the only practical way we have been find substantial evidence that they are truly saints.

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