Infographic of Austin Bishops

Bishop Daniel Garcia's Coat of Arms

Infographic of Austin Bishops

This is an exciting week in the Diocese of Austin, and we experienced a historical moment with our first Austin’s first auxiliary bishop.I put together a large infographic that shows some important information about all of the bishops in the history of the Diocese of Austin up to the ordination and installation of Bishop Danny Garcia. See the full post over at Austin CNM.

I’ve been very grateful for the wonderful years I have spent here so far, and we are grateful for this wonderful gift that God has given to our local Church. There is much work to be done, and having another bishop in the diocese is a great help to the people.

Episcopal Ordination

In response to the increasing demands of our Diocese, the Vatican announced that we would receive our first Auxiliary Bishop, Daniel Garcia. He is the first native bishop from our diocese to serve here, but our diocese is still very young by comparison to many of the other diocese in our state and country. This makes us the 4th diocese in Texas to receive an auxiliary, and a welcome help in meeting the needs of the Church in Central Texas.

Bishops are an important part of the Church, and we consider them to be the living Apostles of today. It’s not every day we get a new bishop, and this is only the sixth installation or ordination that we have received in the 68 year history of the local Church. Bishops are our local pastoral leaders of the Church and they have the highest local authority and responsibility of the faithful in the diocese.

Austin Bishops Infographic

The graphic uses various elements of the official coat of arms of the Diocese of Austin. There is also another great post that goes into further detail about the ordination celebration.


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See the full resolution image.

1403 1683 Cristóbal Almanza

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