Contemporary Songs of Reflection for Holy Week

Songs for Holy Week

Contemporary Songs of Reflection for Holy Week

Holy week is the most important time for the Christian Church. We collectively dive into the end of Lent and encounter the Passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Roman Catholic Church, we have a very long and elaborate liturgies to celebrate theses high holy days, but sometimes I need other things to help me focus on the mysteries outside of the church.

A few years ago, I began putting together a playlist of contemporary music oriented towards the great season of Lent, but it has grown so much that it’s easy to lose song songs. I filtered it down to a few songs that most focus on the events and themes of this week.

Songs for Holy Week

Palm Sunday

This is traditionally the only Sunday that we read the story of our Lord’s passion and death on the cross.

Hosanna – Hillsong United


Holy Monday

The readings for Holy Monday are not chronologically after the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, but they do focus on Jesus’ preparation for burial through the anointing of the oil.

Lay it Down – Matt Maher

Holy Tuesday

The Gospel readings for Holy Tuesday show us a preview of the Last Supper, but it focuses only on the intimate relationship Jesus had with the Apostles and the betrayal of one of the twelve.

Where You Go I Go – Bethel Music

Holy Wednesday

This is also known as Spy Wednesday when we pick up on Judas Iscariot agreeing to turn in Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

What Have We Done – Kings Kaleidoscope


Chrism Mass

This is traditionally celebrated on Holy Thursday, but it’s often celebrated on another day to help schedules with priests in further distances throughout the diocese. All priest renew their vows of their sacrament at this Mass, and it has it’s own liturgy and readings focused on Jesus’ anointing.

Holy Thursday

This Holy Mass is where we celebrate the institution of the Eucharist at the Lord’s Supper, and we have the washing of the feet in the liturgy. This day is also known as Maundy Thursday.

Holy Communion – The Brilliance

Good Friday

This is a difficult day. This liturgy is also known as the Mass of the Pre-sanctified because there is no consecration on this day, nor is there any exposed adoration from the liturgy of Holy Thursday until after the Easter vigil. This day, the ultimate sacrifice was given upon the wood of the cross.

Spotless/You Have Me – Gungor


Holy Saturday

This is a day of stillness and waiting. Good Friday has passed, but we sit in anticipation of the Resurrection.

Buried In The Grave – All Sons & Daughters


Easter Vigil

This mass is the culmination of the Pascal Triduum, and where we celebrate the highest liturgy of the year.

Death In His Grave – John Mark McMillan

There is an alternative version cover worth version.

Have a blessed Holy Week


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