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Separation and Appreciation of Family and Friends

Separation and Appreciation

Separation and Appreciation of Family and Friends

Do you ever wonder why we have to say goodbye to the ones we love?

There are so many times when I wonder why my life has to be built separated from close family and friends when time is so precious. It’s unpleasant to think about, but we take a gamble in hopeful expectation that we will see our loved ones again in the future. Our history is so concrete that it’s difficult to think of a future that doesn’t exist.

One of the most valuable gifts is the gift of self in presence. Although, I find that it is very easy for me to grossly under-appreciate the gift of spending time with loved ones. When we look to make decisions about our time, it’s easier to recognize the value of time spent when it’s a rare opportunity to meet with the pope. Even if I was only guaranteed only a brief moment, I know I would do everything I could to be there. For some reason, the most important people in our lives can seem not so important.

Religious Folk Art Holy Family Mary with Child Baby by evitaworksMany times in my life I have gone out of my way to spend short periods of time with friends or family. More often, I recognize the many times that I have taken the blessing of family and friends for granted, only to be reminded when missing them later.

I strongly believe that all the gifts we are given are meant to be shared with others, but the most valuable gift we can give to anyone is ourselves. I am convinced that my life was not given to me to be selfishly hoarded.

Through difficult discernment, I truly believe that my wife and I are where we need to be right now. Austin may have not been the most obvious choice, but life isn’t always what we expect.

One of the most difficult things  in my life right now is that I cannot spend more time with so many that are close to me. I love my family, especially my parents, and I would love to be able to spend more time with them, but many times I have to settle with phone calls and waiting for the few visits possible a year.

Sometimes, my wife and I question whether it’s worth living a life that is so removed from the majority of our families. There will always be those moments when we feel so distant, but God provides the graces needed to fulfill our call where we are called to be. One of the most obvious signs of discernment is reflecting upon the fruits of a decision. Even if there are moments of spiritual desolation, I am grateful that time has shown how God has made our current place very fruitful to confirm we are where we need to be now.

Even still, it doesn’t wipe away all of the feelings. I am most grateful for the Eucharist and the Lord’s ability to unite us through His mystical body. When I think about it, makes me happy then sad to think about all of those that deliberately choose not to participate. My heart breaks even more for the separation that has come because of my own fault. The older friendships become, the more I am learning to appreciate and value them, and I hope that I can learn to love even more through the separation in distance or circumstance because another moment is never guaranteed.

Our greatest hope is heaven where we will never have to say goodbye again.

Separation and Appreciation

Fonseca – Gratitud

Hoy siento gratitud por el tiempo vivido
Por la memoria y también por el olvido
Hoy siento gratitud por lo días de fiesta
Por los que ya pasaron y por los que hasta ahora comienzan
Por mi familia y mi tierra
Que me dieron los principios
Por este amor que nació desde niño
Hoy me siento agradecido
Gracias porque hoy quiero cantar,
quiero gritar de alegría
Gracias por darme la amistad
y por los grandes amigos


Today I feel gratitude for my time alive
For memory and also the forgotten
Today I feel gratitude for the days of celebration
For those who have already passed and those that are just beginning
For my family and my homeland that gave me my beginning
For this love that was born as a child
Today I feel appreciative
Thank you that today I want to sing,
I want to shout for joy
Thank you for friendship
and for great friends

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