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Kye Kye – Fantasize and Remixes Review

Kye Kye – Fantasize and Remixes Review

The sound from the music from the electronic-pop quartet, Kye Kye, is undeniably unique and beautiful. One of the first things to get out of the way, is that this group have be made up of Christians, but they do not classify themselves as a Christian group or anywhere in the CCM industry. It is certainly an interesting note when the name of the band sounds like Chi Rho a symbol for the symbol of Christ.

KyeKyeThe music of the band Kye Kye is powered by synth, powerful drums, and Olga’s haunting vocals. Their sound could be easily found in a club, a movie soundtrack, and commercials. There is a polished approach that shows the dedication and skill of this family group. Kye Kye is made of three siblings and a brother-in-law, and it certainly helps with the group’s bond.

Around a year ago, when their sophomore album, Fantasize, was being released, I was able to attend a concert they played here in Austin. As good as the album was produced, the live version of Kye Kye’s music is even better. In the indietronica genre, that is not usually the case, and I was happily surprised.KyeKye2

Lyrics of Fantasize

Kye Kye FantasizeThere is an authentic poetic nature to all of the lyrics of this album. It speaks a lot of the broken condition of our hearts and how much we long for love.

Honest Affection is the main hit from this album, and it’s also my personal favorite. The Stripped Sessions highlights the lyrics even better than the original.





Over your words

Stuck on your heart

A part of me just wanted to know

But the other part was always so wasted

My heart was always made to be still

To wait because you promised you’d save it

I never knew I was in a place

Hiding to avoid any signals

I close my eyes and picture your face

And see a look I never envisioned.”

There is an endearing character about the song Softly that I enjoy for it’s romantic words.

“Wait, won’t you, wait on it

What you’ve got, won’t stop

Wait, lover, wait on it

All you’ve got will only carry on

Fresh, a new alluring side, I’m leaving thoughts that cling to me and make me cry

Rest, a way that intertwines, with pleasant things and memories that set me free”

Glass is also  full of some vague but curiously wonderful imagery.

“Glass-clear thoughts for the shortest slight moments

Pure birth seems I’m furthest from it

Does the light just disguise you

Or can you be found in it?

Letting go, carry us away

Close your eyes, to see what it really means

Effortless hands to hold on to peace

Drink it in, desire hit me so sweet

Guard it most

From dark distractions”


Musicality of Fantasize

KyeKye-Fantasize-RemixesThe Fantasize album and the Fantasize Remixes are rich and complex like a good red wine. There is layers upon layers of sound build up and engulf you with its emotion. My favorite part of the music is the driving force of percussion that is used throughout, and it’s best highlighted live in concert.

The big standouts are certainly People, Honest Affection, and I already See it, each song has elements for different audiences. There are times that the music did some a little too synthesized, but that might be more appreciated by fans of 80’s music.

Their videos often have etherial and dreamlike visuals, and those same descriptors could be used to speak about the general sound and music of Kye Kye. Outside of that, you will have to listen to their music for yourself, and I highly recommend Fantasize and their debut album, Young Love.

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