Saint Dominic Guzman and the Rosary [Painting]

Angels, saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and prayer all in one theme would be hard for me to avoid. Last month, my wife and I were blessed to help baptize the son of some good friends in the Diocese of Fort Worth. Witnessing the baptism as a Godparent is an unbelievable blessing, and I felt inspired to express my joy through art. I was able to pull of this painting faster than my typical process simply because this inspiration came only a few weeks before the baptism happened.


I speak often about one of my favorite saints, Francis, but I have always had an equal admiration for his counterpart, St Dominic. In many ways, most of the saints that have been most influential in my life have been Dominicans. There is something that I find incredibly irresistible about the spirituality of St Dominic. One of the most captivating stories of St Dominic’s life is the story of the visitation of Mary in a vision where she gave him the rosary.

This is certainly one of the most Catholic themed paintings I have ever made. There is a lot to the history of the rosary, and in many ways existed before St Dominic. It was just that St Dominic was able to restore and establish a uniform execution of this beautiful prayer and tool. The reason I chose this theme is because our newest Godson share his name with this great saint. May he watch over, inspire his prayer, and intercede for him always.

Santo Domingo de Guzman, O.P., ora pro nobis

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