What I'm Into Nov 2014

What I’m Into – November 2014

November is one of those months that starts slow in anticipation of the holiday season, and then it suddenly speeds up and passes away.

From a marketing perspective, it’s interesting and full of great media releases in preparation of Christmas shopping and spiritually in preparation of Advent.

Important note: The selection of the content does not equal an endorsement of the creator or even the piece as a whole. These selections span all interest and genres, including those that might not be suitable for all audiences.



Immeasurably More – Rend Collective

This group produces some of my favorite music, but this song has been speaking to me very personally this month. I recommend this whole album.


You Brought Me Back to Life – Citizens and Saints

This group recently went through a re-branding, but I have been a fan since they were only known as Citizen. This is certainly more popish that their older music, but it’s a great and energizing direction with beautiful and careful meaning to their lyrics.

Belly of Deepest Love – Tow’rs

This is such a poetic and rich song. Definitely one of my favorite new finds of the month.

Shepherd of My Soul – Rivers & Robots

This is another group from the UK and they have delicate and resonating lyrics that I enjoy with some great guitar parts. Check out the rest of their music, there is some great songs in their collection.

Come as You Are – Crowder

I have to admit that I had a mixed reaction to the newly released album by David Crowder and his new band. His musicality and masterful lyrics are what the Digital Age is certainly missing, but the music has seemed overly processed to me. This song is one of the ones that is well done and a good come to Jesus style song.

Uptown Funk – Mark Roson Featuring Bruno Mars

This is certainly not part of the CCM genre, but it’s a very good song that shows some great roots of funk. I hope this shows some of the new direction for Bruno Mars. You can’t help but want to dance along with the great dance moves.



Pope Francis called together one of the greatest events of this year, but unfortunately, no one really paid attention to it like the other events. In conjunction with the Humanum Conference, there was an amazing collection of videos released sharing the beauty and complimentary of masculine and feminine. Some are long, but they are all worth the watch.



I am slacking a little in my reading this month and haven’t started anything new, but I cannot recommend this book enough. Evangelical Catholicism is an important book for anyone working in ministry to read. It’s also good for any Christian that wants to better understand what the Church is trying to do.

What I'm Into Nov 2014

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