Addressing Misconceptions About Dia de Los Muertos and Angels

Addressing Misconceptions About Dia de Los Muertos and Angels

My Mexican heritage is an important of who I am, and it’s a deep part of the perspective I have when approaching my faith as a Catholic Christian.

I love it when I get opportunities to share about topics that are specific to the two parts together.

Dia de los Muertos is an increasingly popular celebration here in the Texas and the rest of the Untied States. Sadly, I think it’s because it is seen an extension of the promotion of tall things morbid in the secular celebration of Halloween. While both Halloween and Dia de los Muertos have grown to be very distant from Christian perspectives, I wanted to point out some specific points that are usually misunderstood about this holiday.

In my latest post at Austin CNM, I also share some information to provide more clarity about how death does not have the ability to transform humans into angels. In general, death has no power over us, and that is what this day is about.

After the dramatic separation of the soul from the body, we believe that souls require cleansing of the sins they cling to at the moment of death through the process of purgation. Some of us need more than others, but because the soul separates from the body, it exists outside of time as we know it. This is why we continue to pray for our loved ones for years after our their death.AllSoulsDay

This is a perfect day to visit the tombs of our departed family and friends, tidy them up if necessary, and spend time remembering them. In Mexican culture, it is common to celebrate their memory through their favorite foods, activities, and reflecting upon their best memories. We know that death does not destroy them, and we can still be connected through the communion of saints.DeathDoesntProduceAngels

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