What I’m Into [September 2014]

September has been a full month of ministry as the fall semester ramped up, and it’s been very full of inspiration from many unexpected sources.

Important note: The selection of the content does not equal an endorsement of the creator or even the piece as a whole. These selections span all interest and genres, including those that might not be suitable for all audiences.’

 What I'm Into - Sept

Music Listening


In preparation and planning of different curriculums and talks, I have been listening to a wide variety of interpretations of church music and contemporary Christian music.


John Mark McMillan – Future Past (Featuring Kim Walker Smith)

One of my favorite songwriters of today, John Mark McMillan released his Borderland Sessions this month, and it takes the amazing Borderland album to a whole new level. Poetic and moving art that inspires contemplation through rock – a beautiful effort.



Silver Shore is another one of my favorites.


Young Oceans – VIDI AQUAM

Young Oceans released their new album I Must Find You today, and it’s a wonderful album that is considered alternative Christian. Their music always incorporates multiple layers that play well together to develop an alluring sound.



Brooke Fraser – Psychosocial

Brooke has one of my favorite voices in the world. Her music and lyrics were such a force in Christians music when she used to make it. Now that she usually only makes and performs more secular music, I’ve enjoyed her music. This new song is certainly different from her usually folksy sound, but the alternatives beats are haunting in just the right way. I’m excited for the rest of the album.


I also have been into a song called Vapor by The Liturgist that I wrote about in a review this month.


This video of the oldest living things is impactful. We marvel at impressive ruins of generations long lost, but these majestic beings have been alive through many of those events, and are still with us today.


Oldest Living Things In the World from Deepspeed media on Vimeo


The video below is an inspirational timelapse of an Amish community in Ohio that bans together to build a barn in a day. At the same time, it makes me feel lazy. Truly impressive feat.





Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives

This is the third installment of the Jesus of Nazareth trilogy by Benedict XVI. The first two were amazing works that provided incredible insight for the person of Jesus. I’m in the middle of this third part, but it’s been insightful about what lead up to the birth of Jesus so far. I was confused as to what it would be about, but it’s been truly enlightening so far. My biggest disappointment is that it’s so short in comparison to the second book.

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