Christians and Copyright Issues

Christians and Copyright Issues

I’ve been surprised one some occasions to see a piece of art or design that created by me or other artists in content that did not give attribution. It is somewhat surprising how cavalier Christians can be with content that isn’t theirs. Even if it is for a good cause, there should still be some respect for the original creators of the content. Like many other content creators, I have conveniently placed all the information about what you are free to do or not do with my content on a permissions page.

In my latest post at Austin CNM, I go over some basics of why it is wrong to steal copyright and some common best practices.

As an artist, designer, and content creator, the internet has been the most successful way for me to share my work with friends, clients, and partners in a way that wouldn’t have even been dreamed of decades ago. The catch is that I have also seen countless occasions of people that steal images without giving credit. In a few extreme cases, I have even seen people crop out copyright credits and watermarks of images.

Yes, these were mainly Christians, in fact most of them were using them for honorable means. Does that still make it wrong? Probably.

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