Questions About Vulgar Language

My latest post at Austin CNM focuses on the many ways in which we can affect people’s lives by our words. I go through the discussions I’ve had with people about vulgar language, and you might be surprised by some of the conclusions.

PrayonSundayCussonMondayWe also have to be honest about how much words really do mean to us. Words are the vehicle of our communication as humanity and make ourthoughts, ideas, and intentions known to others. We can also be certain that they hold important meaning in the eyes of God because they are necessary in the vows and response of every sacrament. On the human level, it would be difficult to keep marriage to any standard without the vows shared and given publicly.

As Christians, we understand that we are responsible even the thoughts we choose to be our focus. Words even more so, because we understand that words are capable of hurting deeper than sticks and stones.

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