Questions about Catholics and Drinking

Drink Like A Catholic

Questions about Catholics and Drinking

Drink Like A Catholic

I have a deep appreciation for a fine wine and other delicious alcoholic beverages. There are many people that think that it is incompatible with my Catholic Christian faith, but I take an opportunity to address these concerns in my latest post at Austin CNM.

Alcohol is a gift from God

We have to see the world through Christian eyes. We see it for the good it can provide in making us more relaxed, lubricating conversations, enhancing good emotions, and complementing and intensifying foods. Wine is an amazing drink, and I can appreciate how Jesus used it to do His first miracle to help the new young couple.

It was also the choice of our Lord to use wine as the substance to consecrate into His most precious blood that we receive in communion. It’s hard to claim that Jesus would use something that is bad for such a sacred act.

– See more at Austin CNM

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