Dealing with Instagram Envy

Dealing with Instagram Envy

Sometimes people think that my life has no problems and that everything is always great, but that’s often because they only see the carefully curated content that I share publicly. Unfortunately, most people see that as the entirety of my life. Truth is that the majority of best moments I share with my wife, family, close friends, and students never even get much of mention online. Neither do most of the difficult struggles, crosses, and challenges that are often present. In my latest post at Austin CNM, I talk about these issues that happen and is sometimes called Instagram Envy.

Real life doesn’t have Instagram filters, and not everything we do is Pinterest-worthy One of the most challenging aspects of social media is the way it filters content from the lives of our friends and acquaintances. In reality, no one’s life is as polished and put together as it looks through social media.

I’ve shared about how Instagram is a great place for sharing about your faith, but it requires the awareness of its temptations. We can all agree that social media makes it easy waste a lot of time, but we can also easily downplay envy as normal and expected. Although, we can’t overlook it because envy is a capital sin and can hurt us.

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