John Paul II – A Patron for Our Digital Apostolate

John Paul II – A Patron for Our Digital Apostolate

This week I took some time to do a quick reflection on why our organization choose Saint John Paul II as one of our patron saints.SaintJohnPaulII

It’s almost strange to think that a Polish priest became one of the main intercessors and patron saints of a group of group of people in Texas on their computers. Yes, John Paul II was pope when the internet was coming of age, but he was born in the 1920s and he barely ever even used a computer.

At the beginning of our apostolate, we knew that we need some intercession and help to carry out our mission. The name that we agreed on quickly was John Paul II. All of us on the board are part of the JP2 Generation. We grew up and were formed in our faith when he was in the office of Pope, and his ministry left an undeniable impact on all of our lives.

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