Helping Men Dress for Mass

Helping Men Dress for Mass


I’m no fashion guru, but I do enjoy putting effort into how I dress. I understand that most men don’t – it take some work. I also understand that most Catholics really enjoy having things spelled out for them because we’re very used to clear and defined rules. Unfortunately, there are not rules to refer to, but I did compile some helpful tips  in my latest post for those that are looking for some guidance on what to wear for mass.

4 Reasons to dress up for Mass

  1. God deserves our best and our first

  2. A well dressed single man impresses the ladies

  3. Married men will impress your wife and make her proud to be with you

  4. It reminds you that what you are doing is important

Vatican Dress Code

What is considered dressing up?

For a few generations, our society has developed an obsession

with being casual, so our expectations of what we consider dressing up have been redefined. There are no hard rules that clearly define expectations of your Sunday Mass attire, but I do have some suggestions that might help in your decisions finding your “Sunday Best.”

– See more at Austin CNM

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