Tips for Catholics on Instagram

Catholic on Instagram

Tips for Catholics on Instagram

Catholic on Instagram

I’m a big fan of social media and apps that help us connect with our friends and family. Recently I’ve been seeing that there are a lot of Christians that feel that their social media presence is separate from their faith. If we truly want to live as people of faith, then there is no area of our lives that is separated from our faith.

Not only should we claim our faith, these new forms of communication provide great opportunities to share our the joys of a life of faith. Check out my latest post at Austin CNM this week.

This spring I wrote about the mission field that exists in Tumblr, and now I want to just give 7 quick tips to be Catholic on Instagram.

1. Share pictures of life at your parish Show what happens at the true life blood of the Church. There’s the mass and so much more that happens as we grow in community. This could be the best invitation anyone will see.

See more at Austin CNM


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