Dealing with Bad Preaching

Dealing with Bad Preaching

When I talk about the arts in the Church, most people don’t usually think of homilies. In fact, non-Catholic Christians often accuse Catholics of being too stiff and lifeless, but it comes down to two very different approaches to worship.

We have many great priest and deacons that do give wonderful homilies that truly convict us, but I wrote this post with 5 basic suggestions on how to deal with a homily that isn’t that great.


In full disclosure, I am blessed to be a part of a parish that has amazing homilist, but I’ve experienced my share of bad homilies while celebrating Mass in various places throughout my life. I’m in no position to tell priest or deacons how to be better preachers. Instead, I want to focus on 5 things to remember during and after hearing a bad homily.

1. Find additional spiritual nourishment outside of Mass.

Homilies are intended to help us expand upon and digest the scripture readings in the Holy Mass. In comparison to the amount of media we consume today, one homily a week will never be enough to feed your spirituality. Having a consistent consumption of spiritual resources will keep you fed, even if a good or bad homily does not.

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