An Open Letter to Graduating High School Students

An Open Letter to Graduating High School Students

graduate-525x700I wrote a post this week over at Austin CNM as an open letter to the teens that I work with in youth ministry that are graduating this next week. I normally don’t speak much publicly about the work I do with teens, but it is a ministry that has been a huge focus of my last few years. This class is the first one I’ve been able to watch for four years.

” I’ve spent the last 4 years as a catechist to high school seniors. Before that I spent 4 years with confirmation classes and middle school students, but focusing on sending students out to college and beyond high school has been some of my most fruitful experiences.

I would like to share a personal letter to my students as they finish their high school career and walk the stage at graduation. While it is written to my students, it is an open letter for a reason.


Dear Class,

In your graduation commencement speeches they will encourage you to go out there and achieve your dreams. They will also rightfully congratulate you on your success so far. They can do their job, but I want to hit a few points that they probably won’t tell you.”

Read at Austin CNM»

525 700 Cristóbal Almanza

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