Why We Use Icons

Why We Use Icons

Why We Use Icons

Why We Use Icons

Have you every wondered why we use sacred art or images for prayer sometimes? This has often been a source of confusion for many Christians, and it has even caused many fights among the faithful.

In my latest post at AustinCNM, I look at some of the most important points of this discussion.

I wrote about this topic this week because this past Sunday we celebrated the second Sunday of Easter, where we celebrate the Divine Mercy of our Lord. It celebrates one of the rare times that Jesus gave us an image from heaven with a powerful message about His inexhaustible mercy.

“… sometimes we don’t have the words to say what we want to communicate in prayer. This is where sacred art provides the opportunity to pray through our thoughts without words. All we need to do is meditate and soak in the beauty and message of the art. It is a way to focus our attention and draw us out of ourselves as we gaze at a window into heaven.”

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