The Importance of Immigration Reform


The Importance of Immigration Reform



April has been a busy month of news full of a wide range of issues. Many of the issues in the United States have overshadowed the other world news that is happening. Even here in our country, the more tragic stories have overshadowed some major issues happening now in Congress to try and work at immigration reform. I do not intend to downplay the importance of the tragedies, but I want to be sure certain events do no go overlooked.

As open as I am about my faith, I really dislike talking about anything political. It probably comes from so much disillusion in the system and my inability to agree with either Democrats or Republicans. With that considered, I still feel called to promote some specific issues.

I’m not proposing a solution or attacking any one plan, but my latest post focuses on the importance of how we treat those that have come to our country. It’s easy to get caught up in talking about issues and forget that we are dealing with real families and people with their own stories.

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I’m proud to be an American, and I thank God for the blessings I have received for living here. Join me in praying for our country.


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