St Anthony and Catholic Animals

Sometimes it’s important to remind the world (and ourselves) that Catholicism isn’t as rigid as it appears form the outside. My latest post at Austin Catholic New Media has some fun with animals.

In the United States, we often celebrate St Francis of Assisi as the great friend of animals in october. There are ever many parishes that even have pet blessings, but many other cultures do this in January.

January 17th was the feast of St Anthony the Abbot, and many places, even the Vatican, held their annual pet blessings. Read more about this event at Vatican Insider.

On January 21st, the feast of St Agnes, the Pope also takes his turn to bless animals. It is customary that on this day, the Pope blesses the sheep that will be sheered for the wool to make the paliums given out later this year to the new archbishops on the feast of St Peter and Paul.

In celebration of St Anthony’s patronage of pets and animals, I want to take this opportunity to revisitAnimals with Catholic Captions. How would animals try to serve the Lord? As always, never take it too seriously…

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Saint Anthony the Abbot

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