Was Jesus Right? Is the End Near?

Sometimes death and the end of the world can be a scary subject, but I love to talk about them. My blog at Austin Catholic New Media looks at scripture and the most authoritative voice on the subject.

As we’ve all heard from a variety of sources, there was a surge of speculation that December 21, 2012 would be the end of the world. Even though this idea has been around for some years, it’s nothing new. I wrote about the last infamous day of May 21, 2011 last year, but we all know that the day came and went for most of us.

While the group that promoted the last one was relatively small, there was a larger population that believed that this day really could be the day. This is probably because it was associated with the Mayan calendar. They were able to do astronomy and math at a level centuries beyond the Europeans, and that was more credibility for some people. Although, even many descendants of the Mayans weren’t worried, because they knew it was only the end of the space on that calendar.

What about Jesus? What does our God have to say about the apocalypse?

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