Catholics Aren’t Scared

Catholics don’t run for the hills. We don’t run away and hide to give in to the spirit of fear or despair. Catholics aren’t scared.

In times of war, famine, disaster, and tragedy, we Christians are not called to look away. It is our call to act in charity to protect the weak, care for the wounded, and comfort the mourning.

Even for those that don’t believe in God, this makes some sense for the good will of man. If there was no creator,then we would be left to do everything ourselves, and there would only be hope if we pulled together and did it on our own. This is where a lot of people, even Christians, get it wrong. We’re not on our own, and thank God for that because we wouldn’t be able to do it on our own. Only a complete dependence on God will get us through.

Now stop and take a look around your life today. We don’t have to look around too far to see the brokenness of this world and the cloud of confusion that has caught up the culture.

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