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Thoughts Are Not Enough in Tragedy

Thoughts Are Not Enough in Tragedy

Life is full of many what ifs. Tragedy is something that we never want to experience and never wish it upon anyone. On the evening of July 19, 2012, many people across the country set out to watch the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises. Many of us have been excited for this release for months, or even since the release of the last Batman movie. We were all expecting news of new records of viewers, not news of senseless murders.

Suffering always brings up many questions. As with most midnight premiers, the majority of those in the theater were under 40. Many family members and friends will never see their loved ones in this life again. How could God allow one man to do such a horrible sin against people he didn’t even know?

It’s somewhat sad that we have to feel it close to really recognize pain, while so many parts of the world endure war zone conditions frequently. I lived in Colorado for a few years before moving here to Austin. I lived in East Denver for a while, near Aurora, and went to that very theater on a few occasions.


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