A Musical Reflection on Lent by The Brilliance [EP Review]

A few weeks ago I went to the most unique Christian music concert I have ever attended. As an artist, I always enjoy supporting the arts that help to promote the faith in visual art or performance art, but I don’t think I saw this coming.

On March 1st, I went to the Gungor concert at Grace Covenant here in Austin, and it was truly amazing. I most impressed by the opening band, The Brilliance. Both bands take their musicality to new heights experimenting with multiple instruments, poetry, and simple prayer, but I will leave Gungor for another time.

Usually contemporary Christian music makes me think of artists like Matt Maher or Jackie Francios, and then there’s the older forms of Christian music that go back a few centuries like Gregorian chant or the comparatively-more-recent classical based on prayers or even the mass. It’s hard to put The Brilliance in a category with any of those.

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