Hope In Death [A Review of Give Us Rest]

Hope In Death [A Review of Give Us Rest]

Great music can be some of the most beautiful art, and Christianity is in great need of more of it today. It’s no secret that in contemporary music the Catholic Church is not at its high mark. Personally, I think that Gregorian chant from the Traditional Latin Mass is hard to beat, but I also believe that well executed contemporary Christian music can be just as powerful to the average person of today.

The band of one of the most famous protestant residents of the Diocese of Austin just released an album that perked my attention when I first heard about the theme. The Waco-based, David Crowder Band’s newly released Give us Rest or (a Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]) album is definitely worth some attention beyond its cumbersome title and into its surprising contents.

The 34 track album crosses multiple genres from rock to bluegrass, mixed in with elements of chant that even includes Latin and Greek. Every track on this album may not be to your taste, but chances are that there’s something you will enjoy.

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