The Need for Catechist

Throughout the world, ordinary people carry out an important mission of the Church – catechises. I am no priest or doctor of theology, but I am a catechist for high school students. Often times, people will ask me why I would ever want to do such a thing, as if it were some kind of cruel and unusual punishment. Personally, I find it to be quite the opposite.We all remember the raging hormones, ADD-like attention span, and the all out awkwardness of growing up and trying to find yourself. These teens live in a world that is trying to confuse them and distract them from God.

The thought of even more un-catechised generations is not very reassuring that we would be doing God’s work. They need Jesus. Teenagers today are starving for Truth after being fed so much that has left them hungry for more. Sure, they don’t always openly verbalize their desire for Jesus and Truth, but they do express it in more subtle ways.

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