Still New to The Vocation of Marriage

Last week, my wife and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. I wrote a post last year titled A Sacrament of Service soon after our first anniversary, and I thought it fitting to give a follow-up for our second.

It’s somewhat hard for me to believe that it has already been two years since I married Cristina. Slowly, I think we’re learning more about how to live our vocation as married people. Like other couples, our marriage is far from perfect, even when it looks so easy from the outside. I don’t think I ever imagined the types of struggles and difficulties we would encounter within our first years of marriage. Every couple encounters their own personal and unique problems, but I do believe that God provides us all that we need to endure and overcome. Although, all of this is hard to remember at times.

Remembering all that we have overcome together really strengthens our bond, and it is nice to know that she is partner through the best and the worst. She is the one that I upset when I do something wrong, but she’s also the one that lovingly greets me when I come home. Our life together is filled with the enjoyable and the uncomfortable, and that’s what makes it such a beautiful gift.

I remember very vividly how it started with a drive I made from West Texas to Denver. It was to reconnect with old friends, and to pursue the heart of the woman I had met a few years before. I knew it was a risk, but I knew in my heart that I had to take it because I had never felt so compelled so powerfully do something in my life before. During the weeks before I made the trip, I really connected with the song “Far Away” by Nickelback. The song will always bring back the feelings of that first year we lived so far apart from each other, and the way we came to be together. Now I and am even more amazed at how my love for her has grown much deeper.

There have been many time I have seen His hand at work, unfortunately it seems to always be in retrospect. When we arrived from our honeymoon, we were both unemployed and in a new city. We had faith that God would provide as we followed His call to Austin, and to the amazement of the many naysayers in our lives, He has. That’s not to say that it has been easy. Through a lot of prayer, patience, and love was the only way we made it through the first of our tough times. I am very grateful for all that God has done in our lives.

Once we are blessed to expand beyond a family of two, I know that our vocation will take on a new direction, but for now we will continue to serve in ways we can to the Church and to each other. Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out how to prioritize our lives. It’s easy to unintentionally put family before God or serve others before my wife. It’s a difficult balancing act that will probably take me the rest of my life to figure out.

Even though it’s already been two years, I still feel very new to the vocation of marriage. When I see the love of couples that have been through a lifetime together, I am reminded that we are really new to this. It makes me happy to see the opportunity of the rest of my life with my wife. She is the woman I was called to live my vocation with, and the one that I am called to give my life for.

My wife and I danced to the song “To Know Love” by Little Big Town at our wedding reception. It’s a very beautiful song, and still, I think about the words often.

‘Cause to know you is to know love
And to know love is to know enough
To walk with you through this life
From now until the day I die
‘Cause what better way is there to live than to with you

Note: This video of another couple’s anniversary is the only good audio version I could find

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