Reaching for Love

Reaching for Love

The past month has been full of many amazing blessings working in different ministries. One of the most beautiful things that I continue to see is a deep desire for true love in everyone I meet. A desire for the love of God. We spend so much of our lives trying to reach for that love, but sadly, we sometimes run away from it when it is presented to us.

This world teaches us to live asking ourselves how we can get away with doing the least amount of work and use the least amount of effort. Our world is in a constant search for efficiency and productivity, but it seems to ironically promote a very lazy culture. All of the systems and technology of today work harder for us each day, so that we can do less and still somehow achieve more.

We want more, but we’re only willing to give as little as possible for it.

This mentality is one that I have been working hard to overcome.  In order to sincerely improve on this, I have to honestly look at the darkest parts of my heart and fight a constant inner battle against my selfishness. To truly live our out love as a child of God, heaven should be more than an assumed destination. My life and works should show others God, especially to those I am closest to in my life.

As much as we desire it, our human hearts do not always find love so easy. Sometimes, in our hunger for love we grow impatient and tired. There are many times when loving God pushes us almost to the point of breaking. Then there are times when loving people can wear at our heart and exhaust our spirit.

This life encourages us to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt too often, and it’s easy to assume that we have been good and that we give enough of ourselves. It’s not easy to  sincerely admit where we have failed. I know that there are many times when I start to believe my own excuses as to why I have not loved better.

Spousal love can produce some of the greatest joys, but can also be the source of many struggles. My parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and it serves as a vivid reminder of what a vocation should be. While their marriage hasn’t always been perfect, the humanity of their devotion and love has been a beautiful example for our family. I pray that through His grace, I can be as strong as they have been.

Real love takes work, but looking at the cross, true love reminds me of the promise of heaven.

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