Digital Connection

Digital Connection

The past few months, have reminded me of how powerful the internet can be at connecting people. Sometimes I post things on Facebook, Twitter, my blog or any other internet service with the hopes that someone will see it, = but I somewhat second guess whether anyone really cares. Among all the clutter, it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through the massive amounts of media.

I am a millennial, and our generation often has this expectation that our voice is entitled to be heard, especially us Americans. We speak with the conviction that our opinion has validity because of its reality to ourselves. We feel comfortable sharing how much we enjoy our dinner and company, so we will even share a picture of our experience with the world, or at least our network. To a different degree, we do not hesitate to share our disappointment with a bad experience. I like to think that we do this because we want to share joys with our friends as if they could have been there too, or attempt to save those close to us from bad experience like ours.

We share so much content that it is hard to understand the value and weight of what we give and receive. Recently, I was given some vivid reminders of the significance of what can be communicated. Casually sending a few tweets and followed up with emails has led to some major projects in the upcoming months (I’ll share more information about these events soon). I loved social media before, but I hadn’t been so sure it could surpass my expectations.

Hearts can be affected and lives can be changed through the words we share through new media or even through normal conversation in our every day lives. It’s sometimes easy to forget the reality that lies behind the digital environment. Sadly, sometimes I forget the mystical reality that exist beyond the physical world in our experience. Even when words spoken in a short amount of time create a reality that unites heaven and earth, I still sometimes act as if I didn’t know.

I want to share my life with heaven in a way that transcends technology and things of this world. I pray that my humanity does not blind me from the presence of eternity in our limited world.

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