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New Look for Emmaus | SoulPainter | Cristóbal Almanza

New Look for Emmaus

Recently, we launched a new look for emmausband.com. The complete online redesign is not 100% finished, but the majority has gone live.

The most fun part of this redesign was the photography. Emmaus was in Austin at the beginning of the summer to perform for a praise and worship night, and I took the opportunity of doing a fast photo shoot with the band. Photography in a mid day sun can be very tricky, but I took the only opportunity that I had. I am fairly happy with the outcome of the photos, and hope it captures their character. Check out their site for new photos soon, and be sure to check out their music.

One of the reasons this was one of my favorite recent projects is because I really believe in them. Emmaus represents the voice of a new generation of worship leaders. Their performances are as familiar as Matt Maher’s music, and have the power to move souls like Hillsong’s worship. Their music needs to be heard by the restless souls of our generation. May God bless them on their journey.

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  1. Rshorton08:

    I like the second photo of the band better than the one you have in the header. They appear to be seeing a UFO in the one in the header. I know bands often want to have that “distant, troubled artist” look, but this band is so much different, so much more “normal folks next door” that I think the second photo shows them more accurately. Just a thought. The rest of the design, however, really ROCKS (no pun intended). Good use of white (gray) space and the yellow bleed ontop ties in well w/ their EP cover.
    The band’s biggest fan 🙂

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