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Austin Catholic New Media Group

Austin Catholic New Media Group

We recently launched a new group for Catholics in the Austin, Texas area. The page description can be read below.

“The Austin Catholic New Media group is a networking group for those interested in using new media to promote the New Evangelization of the Catholic Church”

I am very excited by the formation of this group. The Diocese of Austin is growing rapidly, currently has around 500,000 Catholics, and the city of Austin is also known as a large hub of the internet and technology. This makes for a great combination. There must be a large population of Catholics that use, or want to start using, the internet as a powerful tool of evangelizing the message of Christ. This group could facilitate in uniting those in this cause.

As this group, and others like it, begin to form around the country, I pray they successfully reach out to Catholics, and non-Catholics alike. Too many occasions have occurred where I have seen Christians demonize new and social media. I firmly believe that it is our newest method of communication, and we cannot fall behind with it. It is just like any other tool, and can serve the users when used properly.

October 6th will be the Diocese of Austin Theology on Tap with the theme of “From the Good News to Twitter: The Church and the Media.” The event will be hosting Rocco Palmo, the well-known Catholic blogger from Whispers in the Loggia. We will be using this as an opportunity to meet. It will be held at Nuevo León downtown 6-8PM.

Find the group’s Facebook page and twitter to follow their updates.


As this was posted, we were informed Rocco Palmo has to reschedule for next year. The communications director for the diocese will be giving the presentation, but we will still be gathering at the event.

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